Mow St. Augustine Between 2.5"-3" Tall
St. Augustine grass prefers to be mowed between 2.5"-3" tall. Mowing any shorter could expose the roots and cause them to dry out.

Weed Control & Prevention

We offer both weed control and weed prevention for your lawn and shrub beds. This is done by using pre-emergent herbicides before the weed seeds germinate, as well as post-emergent herbicides for any weeds you may already have. Our technicians are able to treat and control just about any weed you may get in your lawn. In fact, we pride ourselves at being among the best at weed control.

We treat for weeds on properties as small as a few hundred square feet, and as large as several hundred acres. Because of the experience we have with weeds and turf, we are familiar with the herbicide effects on different types of turf. We routinely factor in variables such as the variety of turf, outside temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, surrounding plants, soil condition, and previous herbicide applications to decide on the best mode of action when treating your weeds.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-Emergent herbicides are designed to stop weeds before they germinate or emerge. This is a crucial step to keeping your lawn weed-free because it is much easier to control weeds if you donít have any. We usually treat a couple times each year with a broadleaf pre-emergent. Typically we treat just before summer weeds germinate, and then again before winter weeds germinate. However, even with the best pre-emergent herbicides, it is impossible to keep every weed out of your lawn. Because of that, we apply post-emergent herbicides during the year also.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

Post-emergent herbicides are designed to kill existing weeds that you have in your lawn. Different post-emergent herbicides are used throughout the year, depending on the weather conditions and the types of weeds weíre trying to control. During the hottest summer months, we still use post-emergent herbicides, but because they can stress the grass when itís very hot outside, we cut back on some of the application rates. This may result in us having to spray certain weeds two or three times to get them 100% under control, but it is much better to take the safer approach to make sure your lawn doesnít turn brown.