Avoid Over-Watering
Over-watering your lawn can result in fungus and spur excessive weed growth.

Tree Spraying & Fertilization

Most homeowners are very concerned with their lawn looking as good as possible, but neglect their trees. A lot of the time, this can be attributed to the fact that the turf is very noticeable and many people rarely look up to the trees when at home. Regardless of what the reasoning may be, your trees need attention also and it is important to make sure they are not being starved of nutrients or being attacked by insects.

Trees require a lot less maintenance than turf or shrubs, but it is still important to have them treated if they get attacked by insects or are experiencing nutrient deficiencies. Many of the problems begin with something as simple as the need for fertilizer; but without it, the tree becomes stressed and more inviting to insects, which can result in a dead tree. Many times, this can be prevented by one or two fertilizations a year.